The Stories

The magic goes so much deeper than just a beautiful photo of a flower. To create images meant just for you — ones that tell a story, relive a memory, and evoke emotion — that is why What is Your Flower Story was born. 

For those of you who prefer to purchase a single gorgeous flower painting or a wall grouping, you can now shop online in the open galleries of What Is Your Flower Story.

Click here or on the Shop link above to see and purchase these beautiful images.

For those who are ready to immerse themselves in their own flower story, you have an incredibly powerful experience waiting for you! After hearing your story, I conduct a personalized portrait session that incorporates your memories and your flower. The amazing images created in this session are available only to you and are archived in your own private collection.

If you are ready to have your memory come to life, to have your flower painting connect you with that magical memory every time you look at the artwork hanging on your wall, click on the Contact link above. Reach out to me and let’s chat! 

I look forward to being your personal flower choreographer and transforming your flower story into art that will make you smile and feel something every time you look at it. How does it get better than that?! 





Watch this 1 minute video to discover more.


a few of the flower stories . . .


Sharon’s flower story

Sharon’s wall grouping


Suzette’s Calla Lily Flower Story

Suzette’s wall grouping


Celeste’s Dandelion Flower Story

Celeste’s wall grouping

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